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No more messy paws!

Never again fear your adventurous doggy’s dirty paws again! Now your best fur friend can have all the muddy . sandy fun they want without tracking it into your home or vehicle.

Our Pups Paw Cleanerfeatures a sleeve of soft . gentle . thick silicone bristles inside an easy-to-grip tumbler. All you need to do is add a little water to thePups Paw Cleaner . insert the dirty paw . do the twist and dab the paw dry on a towel.. Then repeat for 3 more paws and you are good to go!

Specially formulated silicone will gently wash dirt . mud . salt . and chemicals from your pet’s sensitive paws and pads to keep those muddy paw prints outside where they belong.

XS (extra small) is perfectly sized for very small dogs: it measures 9.3cm tall and 7.2cm wide.

S (small) is perfectly sized for small/medium sized dogs: it measures 11.2cm tall and 8.2cm wide.

M (medium)is perfectly sized for medium/large: it measures 15.2cm tall and 9.2cm wide.

How To Use:
  1. Fill up the Paw Cleaner with clean water.
  2. Put your dog’s paw in through the opening . and down until it fits properly.
  3. Carefully rotate Paw Cleaner . and then try rotating it the opposite way for extra effect.
  4. After a thorough session . carefully pull your dog’s leg out of the Paw Cleaner.
  5. Dry your dog’s paw with a towel . and empty the dirty water out of the Paw Cleaner.

  • Clean your dog’s paws easier and faster than ever before.
  • Thoroughly removes all dirt . mud . and sand from between the claws.
  • Effectively cleans & scrubs with high-quality silicone bristles.
  • Completely safe and painless – It’s like a massager for your dog.
  • Even the most stubborn dogs love the Paw Cleaner.
  • A great way of melting ice and snow during the winter.


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