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Get flawless . smooth and radiant skin with the delicate vibrations of this ingenious tool. The Vibrating Powder Puff was designed toleave your skin with a professional and flawless complexion . and it’s so easy to use!

With itsunique vibrating system . the soft and elastic puff willspread and apply powder foundation evenly to your skin.The result? A natural and smooth look fit for Hollywood. The puffs are refillable . reducing waste. And the Powder Puff isquick and easy to use.

The Powder Puff offers10 .000 vibrations per minute.Not only will youapply your makeup perfectly .but you’ll alsogently massage your facial skin.Your skin will thank you ?C you’ll immediately notice the glow and a reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with this ground-breaking tool.


  1. Apply proper amount ofproduct to the sponge
  2. Press the power button and start vibrating
  3. Spread the product on your face
  4. Tap the spots needed more coverage


  • New innovative vibrating make-up applicator that helps make skin flawless . smooth and radiant by using powerful and delicate vibrations.
  • Created to leave your skin with a professional finish and a flawless complexion.
  • Over 10 .000 vibrations per minute by soft and elastic puff helps give your skin a natural smooth tone and texture by spreading and adhering foundation .
  • Evenly and clog free while enhancing absorption.
  • It enables anyone to apply makeup easy and fast thanks to its portable size and refillable puffs.
  • Vibrations provide healthy massage to your face skin as they increase the circulation of blood and make your skin glow.
  • Get perfect V line for continuous usage . tighten your face skin and makes it moreelasticated hence delaying the aging process and eliminating wrinkles.

Electric Vibrating Makeup Sponge

1 x Vibrating Puff Device
2 x Puffs


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