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You know the pain when you’re out and about . but your clunky nebulizer is sitting at home and making relief impossible. Don’t let yourself or anyone you love feel that we proudly give you anamazing solutionfor people withasthma . bronchitis . COPDand etc. Now you get the medication you need whenever you are .hassle-freewith ourPortable Cool Mist Nebulizer!

Main Features:

  • COMPACT & POCKET SIZE:Lightweight and Portable . one?Cbutton operation system . continuous working at various angles . product.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE:Handheld Steam Inhaler Create fine mist for better absorption small particles . Drug atomization . and normal saline atomization particles are less <5 ??m.
  • SUPER QUIET : Silent Operation . virtually noiseless operation . noise level as low as 25 dB
  • SAFE TREATMENT:Low Medication Residue . minimize medication waste <0.1 ml . more efficient in drug delivery.
  • EASY TO USE:One-button operation . spacious storage compartment . ideal for all ages.

How to Use:
  1. Electrify
  2. Add the liquid medicine to the cup
  3. Installation of mouthpiece or mask
  4. Turn on
  5. Efficient Atomization
  6. Turn off


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