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Healthy hair starts with a healthy Scalp ??

Like any other part of our body . our scalp requires occasional exfoliation. This stimulates the blood flow and helps remove build-up and dirt that might be blocking the pores . creating infections and otherwise preventing hair growth.

Our delectable Pink Passion Rejuvenating Scalp Scrub works great for removing dead skin cells . toxins and residue from your scalp and encouraging hair growth.

Sea Salt comes with a hoard of benefits . such as absorbing excess oil (great if you suffer from greasy hair) . treating a dry . dandruff-prone scalp and even adding volume to the hair. It’s an effective . soothing exfoliator that gets rid of all the nastiness coating your scalp.

Coconut Oil and Argan Oil both heal and hydrate the scalp . thus countering any ‘rough’ or drying effects the Sea Salt itself might have. They also both stimulate hair growth and strengthen the moisture barrier of the hair strand.

Vitamin E is a potent source of natural antioxidants that promotes hair growth and reduces the damage caused by free radicals . while gently softening the skin.

And to top all that . our Scalp Scrub also has an amazing coconut and pineapple scent ?C what more could you want?

How To Use: Simply massage into the scalp in small . circular motions until you’ve covered the entire area. Rinse and follow up with your usual shampoo and conditioner routine.

Apricot Kernel . Coconut Oil . Argan Oil . Pink Sea Salt . Hibiscus . Vitamin E . Grapefruit . Fragrance.


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