Pilates Exercising Bar w/ Resistance Bands – Treasure Box Store

$59.99 $27.99

No Gym? No Problem!Ready to sculpt your body like never before? 2020 is here and it’s time for the new YOU. Our Pilates Exercise Bar makes it fun and convenient to get a killer workout virtually anywhere.

IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE:Use this unique stick to remove back pain . build strong muscles and get the body that can stretch and bend!

HOME GYM:Don’t waste your time and money on expensive gyms to achieve your goals! Rather get yourself ??the gym that you carry with you??!

ENJOY EXERCISING:The more you exercise . the more energy you have! Feel good and stay fit!

RESISTANT ROPE PULLER:No matter how strong you are . this rope is made of very durable material that can’t brake!

Improve your fitnessby working out forjust ten minutes a daywith this Pilates Exercise Bar Stick! Stayfit and healthy!


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