Personal Air Purifier Pendant – Imxgine

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This is the rechargeable wearable air purifier that eliminates airborne germs from one’s personal space. The palm-sized device weighs less than 2 oz. and hangs comfortably around the neck with the adjustable lanyard . purifying the air within a 3′ sphere around your head. It emits over two million negative ions every second??9X more than any personal air purifier??that attach to viruses . bacteria . and mold and move them to positively charged surfaces like a floor and away from breathing passages. The purifier also combats tobacco smoke . pollen . and dust particles. The unit is silent and does not rely on costly filters that have to be replaced. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 150 hours after a three-hour charge via the included USB cable. 3 1/4″ H x 1 1/2″ W x 2/3″ D. (1 3/4 oz.)

Anion Density: >4000000pcs/m
Power Source: Electrical
Application: 10-20m
Air Volume: Below 50m/h
Noise: ??50dB
Application area: 11-20?O
Type: Negative Ion
Installation: Mini
Model Number: Air Purifier Necklace
Power Supply: USB


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