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Capture thoseonce in a lifetime momentsof your fur baby’s prints forever . with thisPawPrint Kit. It’s easy . clean and mess free!


  • User Friendly
  • Suitable for all Cats & Dogs!
  • Ensures thatPet’s Pawsnever touches the ink.
  • Clean & Safefor Your Pet
  • Able to preserve for the long haul
  • Strong ink absorbency with no smear

  • One Pressis all you need to produce excellent clarity and detail
  • AWonderful Keepsakefor your precious pet paw prints
  • Memorialize your pet’s paw print forever byTattoo
  • Makes thePerfect Gift
  • Available in4colors!

Plus Size Paw Print Pad

For paw size larger than3.75″ (9.5cm)in length . kindly purchase theLargeSize.

Note: The breed examples shown above are approximate guides only . as paw sizes are not consistent within breeds.


  • Each pack of Paw Print Pad contains1″No Mess” Ink Pad and 2 Cardboards
  • Material: Printing Oil

SmallSize Paw Print Pad

  • Usable Area Dimensions:3.75″ H x 2.25″ W (9.5cm x 5.7cm)

LargeSize Paw Print Pad

  • Usable AreaDimensions:4.725″ H x 2.95″ W (12cm x 7.5cm)


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