Night Vision Driving Glasses – Imxgine

$43.95 $20.99

These Night Vision Driving Glasses make it easier to drive at nighttime or in bad weather!

These glasses will reduce nighttime glare when driving . and help refuse the blinding oncoming lights you see. Especially great if you’re driving on bad-lit roads with lots of oncoming headlights!


  • Reduce glare . add contrast . and increase visual clarity when you drive at nightor in bad weather. Ensure safe driving on rainy or foggydays.
  • Lightweight: There is no addedpressure to your nose . even if you alreadyhave your regular prescription glasses on
  • Prescription Glasses: The night vision glasses are specially designed for wearing over prescription glasses.
  • UV Protection: Sunglasses are essential to protecting your eyes against UVA and UVB damage and keep your eyes healthy.


    • If the frame of yourprescriptionglasses is longer than 5.9 inches . or its height is larger than 1.7 inches . the Night Vision Driving Glasses may not fit over them.


    • Size: 5.9 X 5.5 X 1.7 inches ( L X W X H )


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