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Whatare “Night Stones” Garden Pebbles?

“Night Stones”are an eco-friendly stone replacement to give your Home and Garden a unique look like no other. These are not only used for making any garden bed or yard look great . theyare bright enough tobe used as a assistance of light!

Product Specifications:

  • Made of Luminescent and Synthetic Resin(NON-TOXIC)!
  • No harmful materials are used in the process of creating them!
  • Sunlight or any light sourcewill make them glow all night.
  • Provides a light for safety precautions on pathways at night time!

What are the benefits of using Night Stones?

Say goodbyeto truck loads of stones .save time and money!Give your household a look that’sneverbeen seen before!Put themanywhere . flower beds . fish tanks . swimming pools or pathways!

Buyer comments:

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use!

Our product is the same as these pictures.If you do not like when you get . we can give you refundanytime.


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