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Stand out and be safe on the road!

“Motorcycle helmet lights lend a futuristic . sophisticated look and also act as an excellent safety feature.” www.motorcyclehelmethawk.com
Give your riding gear a futuristic look by using the motorcycle helmet lighting kit. Bright TRON-styled luminescent strips ensure superior visibility to oncoming traffic whilst all eyes stay glued on you as you zoom down the road.

While our Motorcycle Helmet Light Strips were created for the purpose of increasing a motorcycle rider’s visibility during nighttime . we want it for a different reason. Honestly . it looks like a super-simple way to turn an erstwhile boring motorcycle helmet into a light-filled futuristic headwear fit for a high-tech dystopian future. It’s awesome.



  • 2018 Brand new and high quality
  • No glue . just peel and stick.
  • Compatible with any helmet.
  • Water resistant.
  • The turn signal light is attached to a motorcycle helmet for warning effect which is quite obvious especially in foggy . rainy . or snowy weather . or at night or in dark environment . thereby effectively preventing rear-end collisions and ensuring driver’s safety.
  • This product is universal for all kinds of motorcycles in the market.
  • Waterproof design . the product can not be easily corroded.
  • Flexible . it can be bent into any shape.


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