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REPELLO theBestInvestment you can make for your long-term health.

Designed by a team ofEliteDoctors!

Made from our proprietary blend ofnaturalessential oils that arenon-toxic.

It wascreatedto keepus protected . butsafeas well from dangerous chemicals.

Unlike other brands of pest bracelets . we have usedorganic ingredientsandtestedit on many people fromcampersto evengardenersto ensuresafety!


  • 100% Natural Ingredients: NEW& Improved!Madefrom naturalingredients that is suitable for any outdoor lover!CreatedwithONLY 8essential oils . Citronella . tea tree . lavender . eucalyptus . mugwort . lemon . Chamomile . peppermint and that’s it!
  • Easy to Use:Simply put it around yourwrist or ankle like a regularbracelet! Naturally fight offdangerousticks . fleas . and mosquitoesso you don’t need to visit the ER!
  • Unnoticeable:Comfortable .non-greasy . andorderlessmeaning no chemical smell!
  • Water Proof:No need to waste time taking thebracelet off each timeyou go to the beach . pool or even when it rains!
  • Safe for Humans:UsingNon-toxicorganic ingredientstokillfleas and ticks . children and friends will still be able toenjoy theoutdoors without the fear of being bit by pests!
  • Long Usage:Protects you up to3 monthsof constant Flea and Tick repellant so you can be worry free!
  • Cost Effective:Saves youMoneyfromExpensivetreatments or evenEmergency Room Visits!

Repellobegins to work after putting it on.Naturalinsecticidal substances begin to stand out from the bracelet . spreadingan invisibleforce fieldaround you . protectingyou fromdangerous pest!


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