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$99.98 $47.99

This amazingly tiny but powerful device lets your mobile phone magnify up to 400 times!

Engineered by the best . our PhoneScope lets your phone turn into a microscrope!

You’re able to look at plants . animals & more all up close!

No wires . batteries . USB cables needed . just place the PhoneScope onto your phone and view the world in it’s full form!



  • Wide Application – You can use it for anything!Use it for lab work . STEM applications . jewelry appraisal .outdoor exploration and much more!
  • Easy To Use – Easy & clear instructions are provided . it’s simple application means anyone can use it!
  • Portable – It’s small & light wieght . you won’t even feel like you’re carrying it around!
  • Wireless – No wires are required . just pop it onto your phone and you’ll be able to magnify anything!


x 1PhoneScope – Mobile Phone Microscope

x 1 Carrying Case

x 12Spare Adhesive Stickers

x 1 Lens Cloth

x 1 User Manual


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