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Make your lawn beautiful and greener!Seed Spray Kettlewillfill your yard with green grassin the most effective and easiest way like watering your yard with a garden hose. Thisgrass seed blendissuitable for all climate and will grow where you spray it. Great fordry spots . dog spots . and high traffic areas.ThisSeed Spray Kettlecan spray mixed seed with awide rangeon the lawn. It can beattached to any garden hoseandeliminates guessworkby clearly showing you where you are planting.


  • Each kit will relocate a square area of 100 meters . or 200 points . and will contain: spray head . coating chamber (LATA).
  • Grass mix for all climates . easy to spray.
  • Hydro mousse to facilitate application . and to repair lawn owners Irregular provide the perfect solution.
  • Repair dry spots . dog spots . high flow areas . and shadows.
  • Covers large area.


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