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Improve your visibilityat night and in bad weather

“Your chances of getting hit at night . riding a bike skyrocket after sunset and the small investment of a bike light can save your life.” – OutsidePursuits

Since 2007 there has been at least 4 .000 deaths of Motorcycle riders on US roads. Not only that . there has been at least 80 .000 injuries per year. Statistically . you are 62% more likely to be in a fatal collision at night. Our aim is to reduce that.

Visibility has always been an issue for bikers . and the risk of not being seen is heightened at night or in bad weather. Our Ultimate Auxiliary Motorcycle Lights . powered by a 125W LED Lamp result in superior visibilityfrom the click of a switch . extra range . and an improved chance of a car seeing you.


Three Modes: Flash . Dimmed . Full all interchangeable with the flick of a switch. “If you have a flashing headlight then your visibilityincreases dramatically to oncoming traffic”OutsidePursuits

Increased Range: Our lights increase your range of sight up to 200m making it a lot easier to spot hazards in the distance.

Universal Fitting: We didn’t just want our lights to fit only one model . therefore . our universal fitting design is suitable for allmake and models of motorcycle . cars . ATV . bike . etc. Red Wire is positive . Black Wire is negative.

Quick and Easy Installation: Unique 3 mode easy connection design for quick installation with the existing battery of the motorcycle. Halogen wire will be connected for ON state all the time.

Package Includes:

2 Auxiliary Lights
2 Fitting Units
1 Switch


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