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Combat Poor Posture and Dreadful Back AchesFrom Sitting All Day!

Sitting for long periods puts enormous pressure on our lower back & spine. Say goodbye to aches and discover ultimate sitting comfort with theSkyCushion.

“I get bad aches fromdriving all day . so I ordered a cushion to try. Immediately . the tension in my back was gone. GONE. It is truly a lifesaver!” – Rachel

IMPROVE BLOOD FLOW-Conforms to your body shape and reduces pressure on critical areas . significantly improvingblood flow to the legs and feet.

CORRECT POSTURE-Provides optimal support to your lower back and spine . promoting healthy posture and preventing aches.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN-Honeycomb design keeps the cushion cool without compromising comfort. No more seat sweat!

GREAT FOR OFFICE . DRIVING-Perfectfor home . office . & vehicle use. Each cushion includes a black protective cover. Fits on most chairs . wheelchairs . car seats etc. Comes in 2 sizes so you can pick the ideal one for you!

PREMIUM QUALITY-Made with medical-grade gel to retain the original shape andto offer maximumcomfort.

What’s included:

1x Premium gel seat cushion

1x Non-slip removable black cushion cover (washable)


15″ x 11.8″ x 1.6″
38cm x 30cm x 4cm

16.5″ x 13″ x 1.6″
42cm x 33cm x 4cm

Not sold in stores . available online only.


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