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Finally . an upgrade on traditional bulky ergonomic laptop stands!

As our society becomes more and more tech-savvy . computers are a mainstay in our daily lives. But as much as how they’re essential . the low screen positioning and fixed keyboard force its users to be in an uncomfortable hunched over position . which results to neck . shoulder and back pains!

But no worries .Prop & Up Minimalist Laptop Standwill help you find theperfect comfortable viewing angleon any table you prop your laptop on!

  • PROP IT IN ANY WAY YOU WANT.This stand has many modes of propping . you can adjust the height from 5-8 cm and the angle from 15-25 degrees . giving you a perfect & comfortable viewing angle!

  • IMPROVES BODY POSTURE.The low screen positioning and fixed keyboard forces users to hunch over their laptop. This stand promotes healthy body posture by tilting the laptop . resulting in less neck and shoulder pains and a more comfortable position.
  • EASY ATTACHMENT.It comes with a super strong adhesion that youcan attach on the back of your laptop or tablet. You can also easily detach the stand if need be.
  • FITS MOST LAPTOPS.This stand can accommodate any 10??-17?? laptops. You can even mount tablets on this super handy stand!
  • HOLDS UP TO 18 LBS (8 KGS).It can carry most laptop weight . including the weight of your hand on it.
  • STURDY . LIGHTWEIGHT & SLEEK DESIGN.It’s 3 mm thick and is only 65 g in weight! You wouldn’t even feel that it’s attached on your laptop.
  • AN EVERYDAY CARRY.When you carry around your laptop . you’re also essentially carrying the stand! When your laptop is not in use . just fold the stand together with the laptop and put it away in your bag!


Material:PU + Plastic

Dimension:22.4 * 0.35 cm

Colors Available:Gold . Rose Gold .Black . Silver

Package Inclusion/s:Get 1 pc. of theProp & Up Minimalist Laptop Stand


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