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Are you looking for the easiest and the most effective way to get rid of those pesky insects in your home? TheHanging Fly Trapper will catchall thoseflies . bugs . mosquitoes . ants and other insects that are driving you crazy!

This is a super efficient . safe and easy to operate trap. Simply hang it anywhere you need and watch it catch and killup to 20 .000 flies . mosquitoes and bugs!One single trap can protect 25 yards of your property from insect invasion.Hang one of these and watch the flies and mosquitoes disappear.

Flies aren’t just harmless . they can spread skin diseases to your horse and even lay eggs on its face! And that’s why we created theHanging Fly Trapper. It’sproven to be the most effective way to instantly start reducing the number of flies in any area.

Features :

  • Safe . Non-toxic & effective.
  • Bio-degradable and non-toxic bait.
  • Traps & Kills up to 20 .000 flies.
  • Flies Away makes your home a No-Fly Zone.
  • Currently used by farmers . equestrians to get rid of flies.
  • Protects your farm . your home . your property . & your barbecues from fly invasion.

Specifications :

  • Applicable Area:about 25 square meters
  • Product Size:16*16*5 cm
  • Package Includes: 1X Ranch Fly Trap


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