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Create a mini zen retreat at home!

Create a magical feel in your home with this beautiful backflow incense burner.

The backflow createsan illusion of a smokey waterfall which will mesmerize your senses and bring calm and happiness.When you incorporate this burner in your meditation room . it gives you both the psychological and physical relief from your stress and gets the peace of mind you have been craving.

Allow your backflow incense to flow down over the waterfall. The smoke flows down and around finishing in the pool below. This burner clears your mind and puts it at ease as you enhance the fragrance notes with the view of the smoke replicating smooth flowing water . cascading down this beautifully made burner.


  • Fine quality ceramic detail in a simple yet striking design
  • Great for meditation space
  • Creates sacred space inside or out
  • Adds aroma to any room

**Must use a backflow incense cone to create the unique smoke

Material: Ceramic
Size: Approx 10.5cm x 20cm

Package included:
1 x Incense burner
10 x MixedBackflow Incense


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