Handmade Front Closure Butterfly Bra – Treasure Box Store

$59.99 $27.99

ThisHandmade Front Closure Butterfly Brais theIdealFashion Dressing for all Ladies!

It is designed for all figures and hasDouble-layermoldedWirelessCupwithExcellent Support&All-day Comfortfor aFlawlessunder clothes!

TheHandmade Front Closure Butterfly Bra greatly enhances theAttractiveness and Charm of You and Your Wear!

Features :

  • Fullysupports breasts
  • Wirelessultra-comfortable wearing
  • Cups with Depths toPrevent Spillage
  • Smooths outBra Bulges&Bra Lines
  • Prevents wrinkled skindue to sagging
  • Reduces sweating &boob rashes
  • Air permeable fabric& hollow design
  • Wirelessultra-comfortable wearing

Package Includes :

  • Handmade Butterfly Embroidery Front Closure Seamless Bra X 1


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