BEST SALES FOR CHRISTMAS!–BUY 4 GET 1 FREE& FREE SHIPPING Giant Human Egg Balloon – Saramorettistore


Climb inside this human-sized balloons and hit that new low!

Imagine having fun with your friends and kids at a holiday party! Will attract more people’s attention! Make you the star of the party!

These balloons are durable . strong and large enough for you to climb in and do some fun. The balloon is also extra thick that has a wide neck opening in order to pull the balloon over your body. You can wear this during a funny act . or just playing around with your friends. These balloons are used by professional artists and clowns all over the world. A unique . silly . yet funny balloons for extraordinary kind of fun!

Bounce all the boredom away and get hysterical with this whimsical gigantic balloon!

Note: For safety . always make sure to get somebody to help you in case of an emergency. Make sure the balloon is well inflated.

  • UNBELIEVABLY HUGE. When fully inflated . this balloon can contain around 3000 liters . which is 3 cubic meters. When not inflated the balloon is approx. 52cm x 62cm and weighs 240g.

  • LARGE NECK OPENING. The neck of the balloon . the opening for climbing in is approximately 17 centimeters.

  • SUPER STRONG.Made with natural latex . it has extra endurance because this balloon is dipped multiple times.

  • EASY TO USE. When inflated the easiest way to seal the balloons is by usinglarge balloon clips. The best way to inflate these balloons is with anelectric balloon pump.


  • Material: 100% Latex
  • Unit Weight:240 grams

Package Inclusions

  • 1 x Giant Human Egg Balloon


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