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Winter is approaching and the it’s slowly getting colder & colder!

Not only do you have to keep warm it’s important for your dog to keep warm too!

Keep your dog cozy & warm with our all newFleece Dog Jacket!

It’s perfect for the outdoors when you’re taking a walk with your furry companion!


  • Keeps Your Dog Warm – Made with extremely good quality materialsthe jacket will keep your dog warm no matter what activities it’s doing.The jacket is safe and durable for any weather conditions!
  • Easy To Clean – You dog will be exposed to a lot of snow . mud and more which can easily make the jacket dirty . just put it in the washing machine at a low heat and it’ll be instantly clean!
  • Comfortable – It’s important to make sure your dog is nice and comfortable . the jacket not only provides protection from the cold it also makes sure your dog can move as freely as it wants to!
  • Functionable – It’s easy to take on & off . it also doesn’t affect your dogs moving ability!


Colors – Pink . Grey . Blue . Navy . Green . Purple . Brown . Red

Sizes :

  • Small – 13.5″
  • Medium – 15.75″
  • Large – 18.9″
  • Extra Large – 21.5″

Size Guide :


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