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Let yourSWEETDREAMScome true…

Fairy Dream Catcher Lightkeep you away fromNIGHTMARES.Itcatches bad dreams during the night and destroy them when the day comes. As for the good dreams . thefeathersact as afluffy . pillow-like ladderthat gently deliver them to the sleeper. It gives yousweet dreams every night while decorating your room withwarm lighting.

Attached withLED warm white lightsand glows like afairy . powerfuldream catcher.Ideal as hanging decors forbedroom . living room . study room . office . art gallery . cars and more.

What does dream catcher come from?

Dream catcher comes from the 18th century. It is atraditional cultureof Indians – They believe that a dream catchercaptures dreams and bring blessings.

Which color should I choose?

It depends onwhat kind of dreams you are into. Below are color meanings:

Pink –Romantic . love . friendship

White –Hope .pureness

Green –Life . relaxation . environment . money . safety

Purple –Loyalty . luxury . wisdom . magic

Blue –Peace . calmness . affection


  • Your Dream Guardian
    Dream catcher candrive away nightmares. It catches bad dreams and destroy them when the day comes . while good dreams pass through and gently slide down the feathers tocomfort the sleeper.
  • Light Up like a Fairytale
    Attached withLED warm white lightslike a fairy . powerful dream catcher.Hang it to create a peace . sweet atmosphere and light up your room!

  • Handcrafted & Delicate
    100% handmade witha hoop embellished with the handwoven pattern inside. Decorated with ultra soft feathers and cotton threads with beads.

  • Wireless Lighting
    Applies wireless LED light string for lighting.

  • Sweet . WarmDecoration
    Ideal as hanging decors for bedroom . living room . study room . office . art gallery . cars . etc. Especially suitable for holiday . birthday . anniversary . party . wedding . romantic dinner and more.

  • Long-lasting Glow
    Appliesenergy-saving& environmental-friendly LED light with>10 .000 hours lifespan.
  • Materials:Feathers . cotton threads . wooden beads
  • Light string: LED copper wire lamp (2 meters 20 LED)
  • Colors: Pink . White . Green . Purple . Blue
  • Diameter: 11cm
  • Length:56cm
  • Powered by:2x CR2032 Battery (Not inlcuded)


    • 1 x Fairy Dream Catcher Light


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