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We all come in different shapes and sizes . for that reason most posture correctors are very uncomfortable.

We decided to design our own Ergnomic Tailored Posutre Corrector . so regardless of your shape and size . you can tailor it to fit you perfectly.

Unlike traditional back braces . theadjustable .thin and supportivedesignwhichperfectly fitsyourbody . thiscorrector bringsno pain .swellingandrednessto yourshoulder and arms.

Besidesaligningshouldersandstrengthening muscles .it is also a quick way to preventround shoulders and hunch . alsospeed up recovery.


  • Natural Posture Corrector:Promoteslong-term muscle memoryandstraighten upyour back and shoulderto preserve theircorrect position automatically
  • Instant Pain Relief:Cures and providesback supportforcomputer posture .kyphosis .sagging shoulders . etc.
  • Comfortable Ergonomic TailoredDesign:High quality ultra-soft breathable material witha wide back design

  • AdjustableandUnisex: Simply adjust the velcro straps on shoulder to fit various body types . even children
  • BetterHealthandWell-Being: Reduces slouching . hunching and slumping . andimprovesbody alignment and balance
  • InvisibleandDiscreetDesign : Perfect for all-day and all kinds of wearing


  • Material: Polyester
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Back . White
  • Size: S-L


  • 1pc x Ergonomic Tailored Back Posture Corrector


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