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Introducing thisElectric Oil Pump Extractor?Ca handy pump that removes oil from the oil dipstick bore!


  • Fast & Efficient– This highly efficient self-priming oil extractor pumps fluids and oils easily.This is ideal for quick and clean oil changes.This will simply draw out the motor oil through the oil dipstick bore.No more need to bring your vehicles to oil changer shops.
  • Pumps Various Liquids?C This oil-extractor is suitable to pump engine oil . crude oil . heating oil . and other non-corrosive liquids.Perfect for a quick and clean oil change!
  • Light & Handy?CSmall . compact and portable.With easily accessible built-in bypass valve and filter. Bring and carry it anywhere.
  • Strong & Durable?CThis pump is made of a plastic casing and prime parts.This also hassuperior mechanical designthat fits the requirement of a good engine oil pump and extractor.
  • Easy To Use?C Simply connect the inlet/outlet hoses at the appropriate positions.Connect the power clamps to the car battery and press the on/off button.
  • Compatibility?CNot suitable for extracting water (no lubrication of the pump) .gearbox-oil(too viscous)andeasily inflammable liquidslike fuel . petrol . etc.Ideal forcars . motorcycles and other 12V vehicles.


Material:Plastic & Aluminium

Color:Black . Yellow

Input Voltage:DC 12V



Package Inclusion/s:1 setElectric Oil Pump Extractor


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