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Clearing all thosecracks with 2 steps only!

Cracks in the walls caused by the heat or by the shakings in the ground are really eye catching but not in a good way . it ruins your home’s beauty.Mask the cracksup with theEasy Wall Crack Fixer!

TheEasy Wall Crack Fixeris aquick and permanent repairthat you can give to your wall. Theeasy application stepsare sure to provide you aninstant and professional resultwhich does not need any help from a professional.


  • 2 StepsApplication:
    It comes with a plastic spreader that will give you ease of application.
  • Instant and Professional Result:
    It spreads easily for instant and professional repairing results that leaves a smooth and mark-free look.

  • Permanent Repair:
    It permanently repairs deep holes . dents and small cracks in drywall and sheetrock for a smooth finish.
  • Waterproof:
    The fix won’t fall even if poured with water.
  • Dry Quick:
    It quickly mends and it dries hard enough to hold a nail or screw.
  • Scratch-proof:
    The fix is strong and cannot be scratched easily
  • Long Lasting:
    The fix lasts for years with no crumble or flake.
  • Safe Ingredients:
    Non-toxic . non-corrosive . and formaldehyde free.


  • Weight: 250g
  • Color:White
  • Size: 18cm x 6cm



    1 x Easy Wall Crack Fixer


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