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ThisQuikRip Drywall CutterIs the ultimate cutting tool lets you make drywall and plywood cutting super easy. Getsmooth and straight cutswithout the extra step of scoring!

Features :

  • Double Handed Design – This tool has beenergonomically designedso that it fits your hands comfortably and grips well while working on your project. The double handle feature was also created tomaintain safety all throughout the cutting procedure.
  • Dry Wall Cut – Get the smooth . straight and precise cuts you need on your drywall and plywood boards. It hasself-adjusting twin bladesand aquick release toggle clampto make cutting a way lot easier.
  • Straight to Cut – Eliminate the need to score your board and simplygo from measuring to cutting the drywall straight away!
  • Quick Repetition – More often than not . you won’t be cutting just one board. This tool lets youget even results consistentlyin ashorter period of time.
  • Saves Time -By being able to cut straight away . you can finish up on work a lot faster. Use theblade guidesand theprecision guide-barfor making that precise cut quicker.

Product Specifications :

  • Material:ABS + Stainless Steel
  • Available Colors:Orange / Black to be sent randomly
  • Cutting Range:20-600mm / 0.8-23.6in
  • Total height:725mm / 28.5in
  • Item Weight:1600g / 3.5lb

Package Inclusions:Get 1 set of the QuikRip Drywall Cutter (comes with 2 blades)


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