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During Valentine’s day . everyone wants to give their valentine the perfect gift. So this Valentine’s day you can definitely present your valentine with the rose of 24k. It looks super gorgeous and is surely going to impress the receiver. It has used the polythene foil and gold plating wand it has the rose-like appearance.

It is made up of high-quality material and is also perfect for other types of occasions like Mother’s Day . Valentine’s Day or Christmas. It is definitely one of the most desirable gifts anyone can opt for.


  1. Type

This is a Valentine’s Day gift and it is a type of rose that has been made out of 24k foil plating and gold plating.

  1. Material

Metal has been used as the base material along with 24k gold plating and foil plating.

  1. Colour

This rose is available in different types of colour variants and each of them is very attractive.

  1. Flower style

When you purchase this rose you can see that it has been arranged in the bouquet style which gives it a more glamorous look.

  1. Occasion

It is a great gift which you can provide during Valentine’s Day . Mother’s Day . Christmas . anniversaries . weddings and many more.

  1. Box

It does come in a beautiful box that will keep it safe and intact. Every package will consist of only one rose.


  • Each packet contains one rose
  • 99% gold plating
  • Perfect gift for spouse . girlfriend . wife . etc.
  • High-quality material
  • Ships from the United States and China
  • Different colour variants
  • Flower bouquet
  • 24 K Foil plating


It is the perfect gift that can easily melt the heart of your loved ones. This rose is a visual treat and one can keep it with them for a long time . unlike the real roses.


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