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When you are a pet dog owner . you have to be a responsible person. You never know when your doggo gets naughty and that’s why you need to be prepared to deal with his mischief.

For all the dog owners having a dog collar is a must. There are many types of dog collars available but if you are looking for something really different then you should check out this dog collar.

This dog collar is not an ordinary one. You can even turn it into a car seat belt for your dog. This makes it easier for dog owners to travel with their pets while driving.


  1. Multi-purpose

This dog collar cannot only be used as a dog collar but you can also use it as an adjustable car safety belt for your pet. So if you have to drive with your dog . you don’t have to worry about anything.

  1. Material

The dog collar is made of senior nylon fabric. Since it can be adjusted . it fits perfectly on your dog. Not only that but it is also comfortable enough for your pet.

  1. Colours

The product is available in a huge variety of colours. This gives you the chance to choose the colour that your dog loves the most.

  1. Durable

The product is highly durable. You can rest assured that it is going to last for years.

  1. Suitability

This dog collar is suitable for all sizes of dogs. Whether it be a small breed or a big one . you can use this collar on all dog sizes.


  • Adjustable
  • Multi-purpose dog collar
  • Affordable
  • Quality material


If you own a dog then you must give this product a try. With this dog collar travelling with your dog becomes much easier.


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