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Want your bathroom and kitchen to lookNEWagain?

Frustrated with the dirty but unreachable areas that you haven’t cleanedFOREVER?

Want to saveTIMEandENERGYwhile cleaning?

We have a solution for YOU!

Let our NEW Power Scrubber Pro doALLthe work for you.

ThePower Scrubber Pro creates an effortless solution to enhance your cleaning routine and keep your house new and spotless atALL TIME!Give your home a makeover today!

How does it work?

Our Power Scrubber Pro is a cordless super-powered 360-degree spin scrubber that can be used to clean shower . tub . tile . bathroom . floor . grout . wall . bathtub . corner . kitchen . toilet . soap scum . door . sink . cement . car . RV . baseboard . window . glass . boat ?C basically .ANYarea in the house and outside of the house.

Our Power Scrubber Pro comes with3 different flexible and durable brush headsthat satisfy all your cleaning needs.

Simply choose the right combination by selecting the appropriate brush head to get rid of any stubborn stains and dirty surfaces.

We recommend keeping two sets of brush heads to separate indoor and outdoor uses. Additional brush heads can be purchased separatelyfrom our store.

Theextension armcomes handy when you need to reach high areas . such as showerheads . windows . car.

Take it high . take it low . take it anywhere you’d like to clean! The water-resistant design allows cleaning under wet conditions safely.

Our Power Scrubber Pro can last for about60 minutes of uninterrupted cleaningsessionafter 5 hours of fast charging.

Simply recharge the Power Scrubber before you go to bed and wake up with a fully charged tool ready for use the next morning.

Don’t forget to pick theappropriate plug based on your location.In some cases . you might need a power adapter.If you are unsure which plug to choose . email us and we will help you out!

US plug– United States . Canada
UK plug– United Kingdom . Ireland . Hong Kong .Singapore
EU plug– Europe with exception of United Kingdom . and Ireland
AU plug– Australia . New Zealand

Not Sure?Don’t worry . just choose the option “Let us choose for you” and we will send you the correct plug based on your country/location.


EVERYhousehold needs a Power Scrubber Pro . because after all . who doesn’t enjoy a clean . comfortable and cozy living environment for themselves and their loved ones!



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