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Benefits you’ll love:

TickA Must-Have for All Baking Lovers!
TickDecorate Your Christmas Cookies with a Touch
TickMade From High-Quality Maple Hardwood
TickNot Sold in Retail Stores

AllWe Need is Love& Christmas Cookies

It’s ourfavorite season of the yearagain! A time to gather with our families over Christmas dinner and opening our presents under the Christmas tree.

And here’s aneasy wayto prepare the most beautiful and unique Christmas cookies in a few minutes! Christmas Cookie Roller is an engraved rolling pin made fromhigh-quality maple hardwood.

Everyone loves cookies. What better way to makelovely cookiesother than with Christmas Cookie Roller?

Made with Love

ThisXmas Cookie Roller is handcrafted expertly . engraved . sanded and finished to take on yournext baking projectand make you a star.

Many Patterns to Choose From

Looking for a snowflake designed rolling pin? Or fancy some reindeers on your cookies? Take your pick atour collectionof Xmas Cookie Roller. Or you can choose them all!


Christmas Tree with Reindeers




Care of The Rolling Pin

  • Before using . brush it withvegetable or olive oil.
  • After use . do not wash it in the dishwasher and try to avoidprolonged contactwith water.


    Material: High-Quality Maple Hardwood
    Weight: 600g
    Overall Length: 35cm
    Operating Part: 13.5cm

    What’s in the box?

    1 x Christmas Cookie Roller

    Shipping & Guarantee

    We are proud to offerreliable insured worldwide shipping(7-16 business days) straight to your doorstep.

    Every package comes with its ownunique tracking number to ensure accountability.

    On top ofPayPal’s Buyer Protectionpolicy . we have included afull 30-day money-back guaranteeto ensure your satisfaction.

    Here are Some of Our Testimonials

    I love to bake all kinds of cakes . pies and cookies. This is a must have in my kitchen to make beautiful cookies easily!

    – Kelly Miller

    Definitely super convenient to use and the designs are so pretty! This is the goto cookie roller for me!

    – Alicia Hildebrand


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