Christmas Card Diamond Picture, Set of 8 Patterns – Aliands

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Christmas Is Coming

This set of Christmas CARDS has a total of 8 different patterns . suitable for the Christmas time to give you love people . with your own special CARDS . let the other side feel your full sincerity.


  • Quality assurance: The whole set of Christmas CARDS is made of high-quality materials . Considering the abnormal loss during the use of the Rubik’s cube drill . each Rubik’s cube drilling pack has additional 10 percent or more to ensure that you have enough Rubik’s cube drill to complete your greeting card.
  • Double surprise: Christmas card in the original on the basis of a new change . the card back can still be filled in your blessing above . while you can be the front of the Christmas pattern with some Rubik’s cube drilling embellishment on it . express your mind.
  • Creative DIY works: Born in the traditional Christmas card . condensed all the Christmas elements . on the basis of the addition of DIY Rubik’s cube drilling accessories . Make homemade Christmas CARDS more meaningful.


  • Material: High-grade wood pulp paper .Resin drill .PP
  • Size: 26*18cm


  • Christmas Card * 8
  • White envelope * 8
  • Rubik’s cube drilling package * 8
  • Mini tool bag * 1


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