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Brings endless joy! It is a must-have for any fun-loving home . great fuel for pranksters . parties . classic dad jokes and more! for adults and kids!

ThisfunandamusingTalking Hamsterwillrepeatanything it hears . thenfires backwith its cheeky high pitched voice which is guaranteed toget laughswherever you go!

Our awesomeCheeky Hamsterwill repeat anything it hears . and we mean absolutely anything!

It fires back with its cheeky high pitched voice which is guaranteed to get laughs wherever you go! The hilarious gift that keeps on giving!


  • Repeats Whatever You Said: Talkback function allows the hamster to repeat everything you say no matter you laugh . sing or speaking any languages. Can imitate the female and male voice.

  • Auto Head-Shaking:Auto shaking and responds to touch. He bops his head up and down automatically when repeating and when you pat him.
  • Easy Operation: Switch it on and talk to it . it will mimic your every word in his funny and high pitched voice. Flip the switch to OFF position to conserve battery life when it is not being used.

Product Specifications:

  • Powered by: 3x AAA battery(NOT included)
  • Size: 15 cm
  • Color: Light Brown / Gray /Dark brown
  • Outfit Type: Normal / Christmas

    Life shouldn’t all be doom and gloom . all work and no play.

    Grab your Cheeky Hamster today??

    New Christmas edition is available! Even cuter!


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