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From inside places of worship to the household items that we use every day . decorative carved designs are evidently everywhere.

Find it all interesting to look at and want to create your own? If you’re someone who’s just a beginning craft person . you can start your first carving project with a carving knife. However . if you don’t have one or find it too hard to carve through wood . no worries! You caninstantly turn your drill into a powerful carving chiselwith the help of theChiselChamp Carving Drill Bit!

  • MICRO-VIBRATION?CProduces ultra-high speed micro vibrationsafter touching the wood whichmakes sculpting easier and faster as itprovides you with added force as you push through the wood.

  • FLEXIBLE SHAFT?C Comes with a long and flexible shaft which makes iteasier to maneuver as you sculpt through and around large materials.

  • TIME-SAVING?C Guaranteed to save time and labor than traditional carving as itspeeds up your sculpting up to 3-5 times without causing hand fatigue.

  • WIDE APPLICATION?C Widely compatible to use on most electric drills andmainly used for wood . furniture carving . antique floor carving . potted plants . toys . figures . animals and other carving works.

  • EASY USAGE?C No complicated set-up needed!Simply lock in the chisel on the chuck attachment . attach on the end of the shaft . then fix the other end on the electric drill . turn on . and then start sculpting or carving!

With theWood Carving Chisel Drill Attachment . you can nowcraft and carve faster than before!


  • The electric chisel needs a supporting grinder or a small mill that can be assembled on a soft shaft and can’t be used alone.
  • The motor speed should be less than 12000 rotations.


Material:Plastic + Alloy

Chisel Size:16*3cm/6.3*1.18″

Wrench Length:9cm/3.54″

Carving Knife Length:4.5-4.7cm/1.77-1.85″

Shaft Core Diameter:6mm

Package Includes

  • 1 x Wood Carving Chisel Drill Attachment
  • 1 x Soft Tube
  • 1 x Wrench
  • 5 x Carving Blades


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