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Bring back memories from your past with our newRetro TV Phone Holder & Speaker! Not only does it look super cool . it’s also a 2-in-1 speaker & phone holder!

It’s the perfect accessory to carry around with you when you want to watch something & you don’t feel like holding your phone! Just place your phone in the holder & enjoy!


  • Lasts Up To8 Hours – The speaker is equipped witha 1200 mAh lithium battery meaning you’re able toenjoy its long battery life!
  • Easy Function Keys – The holder is very easy to use . you can play . pause . skip or go back to previous tracks without any problems!
  • Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker – Its strong bass & clear sound quality make the speaker amazing . you’ll be able to hear without any problems!
  • Portable – The holder is small . you’ll be able to carry it around anywhere & enjoy endless hours of fun!
  • Compatible With All Phones – No matter what phone you have . it’s compatible with it!


  • Colors – Grey . Orange . Brown
  • Dimensions -8cm x 18cm . legs – 2.5cm
  • Battery Capacity – 1200 mAh


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