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Drill easierand fasterwith thisMagnetic Drill Driver Set!

Experience drilling accurately without worrying about wobbling screws!

Theone-handedtoolalsoeliminates guess workinvolved and sets your screwsstraight at a predetermined depth.

A Powerful neodymium magnetholds the screws so strongly thatprevents them from wobbling or falling.


  • Multi Purpose – Designed to use with any manual or electric screwdriver and with electric drill driver.
  • Powerful Magnet – No wobbling or dropping screws. The driver holds up to 4lb of weight thanks to its neodymium magnet.
  • Single Handed – Holds screws or nails so powerful that it prevents screws from falling . which allows the other hand to take objects and work more safely.

  • Shock Resistant – Heat-treaded to resist breakage and wear.
  • Driving / Nailing – Friendly and ergonomic tools for any repair . maintenance . or DIY project in which you need to drive or nail.


  • Material: Neodymium + Chrome-Vanadium Steel


  • 4 x Driver Drills


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