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Here’s an amazing new silicone glove that’s tough enough for the hottest job. Now you can drain pasta . drag sizzling casseroles . mince pork . turn bacon . move oven grates . raise a turkey or turn burgers on the grill – all with comfortable heat-resistant silicone gloves – without spatula or tongs.

Product features:

  • ADVANCED HEAT RESISTANCE: Elevated grippers safely push the heat away from your hands.

  • FOOD QUALITY SILICONE GLOVES: Safe food . non-toxic and BPA free. No need to worry about touching the food. The non-slip handle reduces the risk of the dishes slipping.

  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN: Suitable for a variety of applications such as BBQ . baking . grilling . pans . baking trays . pots . etc.

  • IDEAL KITCHEN STUFF: Thick but flexible kitchen gloves for small and medium-sized hands. With 4mm thickness to protect your hands from heat.

  • HEAT RESISTANT: Can hold up to 8-10 seconds at 425 ?? F / 218 ?? C . or a long time below 374 ?? F / 190 ?? C . perfect for working in the oven and in the microwave.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: Rinses clean in seconds.

Package includes:

  • 1 pair ?? heat-resistant silicone gloves


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