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Our Patella ProtectorIs The UltimateSolution For Painful Knees

Many individualssuffer from extreme knee pain which could be caused by putting too much pressure on their knees.

The pain causes stress and every-day problems for individuals as it stops them from fully functioning.

OurPain-Relief Knee Bracewas developed to target these pains and speed up rehabilitation to help individuals become fully functioning again.

Since using ourPain-Relief Knee Bracemany have said they’ve seen positive results and can now function much better!


  • Pain Free Again– By using ourPain-Relief Knee Braceyou will be relieved of anypain & soreness which you may have been experincing!

  • Reduces swelling– ThePain-Relief Knee Bracereduces swelling within the knee area . increases blood circulation and prevents any further injury!

  • Muscle Strengthening– ThePain-Relief Knee Braceaims to strengthen your muscles and correct misalignment!

  • Improved mobility– The brace will improve your mobility and increase your recovery time post surgery!


Color – Black . Grey . Pink . Blue . Sky Blue


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