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“The Ultimate Car Wash Cleaning Accessory”

Dirt and dust still visible after washing? Or . water droplets that haven’t dried properly? Yup . we know all about it . these old methods of washing cars are just not up to scratch.

Give your car the high end detailing that it deserves! With our ProWash you can deep wash . dry with professional microfibre tassels . apply wax and polish . resulting in a professional clean which will transform your car to look showroom ready again!

  • Automatic Rotating:No need for electricity . our ProWash rotates solely on water power. Plug into a hose and your good to go!
  • Apply Foam: Comes with an attachable detergent box so you can infuse cleaning products and water together to produce an ultimate clean.

  • High-pressure Washing: Power is not lost through the attachment unlike other cleaning attachments.
  • Extendable Handle and Easy To Use:extendable handing makes those ‘hard to reach’ areas super easy to clean.
  • Multi-functional Use: Wash . dry . wax . polish are just some of the things you can do. Our.. can also clean floors . windows . fabrics.


    • 1 Set xAutomatic Rotating Car Brush.


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