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Ask anybody who has ever suffered from bunions and they??ll tell you just how troublesome it can be. This includes back pain that contributes to having a bad posture. Bunion surgery and recovery can be even more painful . costly . and lengthy process.

Good thing that we have the 180? Adjustable? Bunion Corrector?!

This effectively relieves pain and inflammation due to bunions . Hallux Valgus . and crooked toes. The splint gently pulls the affected toe outwards into proper alignment that can resolve stiffness and pain.

It features 180-degree rotation and high-quality cushioning foam to protect your existing bunion.


  • Can be used on left or right foot
  • It lifts and straightens toes to instantly alleviate pain and stiffness
  • Provides gentle correction to improve alignment without making it hard for you to walk
  • Guides deformed toes into place by applying gentle pressure to it
  • Redistributes the pressure on the foot
  • Reduces inflammation for complete pain relief
  • Helps maintain good posture
  • Tightens soft tissues are elongated when worn correctly
  • It can also be worn as post-operative aid to stabilize the corrected alignment
  • Lightweight . breathable . and ergonomically designed
  • The splint is anatomically contoured . rigid . and robust
  • It offers good cushioning and enhanced comfort
  • It concentrates in combating hallux valgus . big toe joint . hammer toe . turf toe . and various bunion-related issues
  • Unlike the traditional bunion correctors . this is highly comfortable to wear and you can put it on with your socks on
  • You can wear it anytime and all the time for better results


  • Product Type: Bunion Corrector
  • Material: Medical-grade cloth . plastic . and leather


  • 1pc?-?180? Adjustable? Bunion Corrector (Can be used on left or right foot)


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