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Jamie –

Victim Location 98841

Total money lost $900

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an E-mail by Alex Martin, Account Manager, Pro PC Repair LLC, Calming: This email is to inform you that our company is no longer in the business and we will no longer be able to provide any services for your computer in the future.

At Pro PC Repair LLC, customer satisfaction is something that we take very seriously and would never compromise under any circumstances. In our attempt to serve you better and retain you as one of our valuable customers, we are going to refund your money that you have paid to our company which $299.99

In order to provide you the refund I would like you to give us a call back and fill out the online cancellation form for the services so that we can process your payment.

I would like to sincerely apologize to you for any inconvenience this may have caused.

I called the number and reached Chris Karmarkar. He said he needed to remove their services from my computer for me to receive the $299.00 refund. Like a fool, I let him into my computer. He scan the computer and should me all of my Log-in names and passwords. He said he saved my data on Google Cloud and couldn’t use it until I pay him $500.00 to get a lifetime security and then they will send the refund check.

He wanted my bank account and I said no. Then he suggested Google Play cards where you put money onto the cards and read the numbers of the cards to cash.

Being dystric, I messed up on some numbers and one of the four $100.00 cards went through. Now he wanted another $400.00 to correct the problem and I’ll get that money along with the $500.00 plus the $299.00 refund.

We run out of time because I had my grandson’s wedding to go to and Mr. Karmarkar said to contact him after the wedding. So on Monday, August 20, I called Mr. Karmarker to fix my computer. He said I need another $500.00 because we didn’t put in the numbers correctly. Now I’m up to $900.00. Mr. Karmarkar said I’d get it all back when He solves this problem.

I told Mr. Karmarkar I wanted his supervisor to send me by e-mail the copy of the check and a promise of solving this problem.

I received an e-mail from Danny Nava, Operations Head Starsofts LLC. This is what he wrote.

Due to the unfortunate events that have taken place with Chris .I apologize on the behalf of our employee mistake.

And your refund check of $2000.00 has been dispatched and most probably it will be delivered to you Wednesday morning.

It is advised to you by our company to bring Google play card for the amount of total Usd $500.00 from Any Store to complete the process.

Please confirm this as soon as possible. By Calling On 1-805-354-5658 once you have the card.

They up the check to $2000.00 to me if I come up with another $500.00.

I called Mr. Nava that I wouldn’t send another dollar. He said he wouldn’t send the check until I do. I ask why I could send him the money when I receive their check. He said no, there are processes they had to follow.

By then, I just ask him to return my data and $900.00. Mr. Nava said he wouldn’t until I send him the $500.00. This is when I said I would report him and his company to the powers to be to show that this was a scam.

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