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Samuel –

Victim Location 45817

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I was called by 2025488787 saying that I had about $1,500 that was not accounted for when I filed my taxes between the years of 2012-2016 and my case number. There was a female who then transferred me to a male. Both told me that I needed to pay at least $500 over to phone resolve the issue or else a warrant would be issued for my arrest. They said I had less than 30 mins to resolve the issue or else they would sent out the warrant. They didn’t have any of my personal information and tired to tell me that they attempted to drop paper work off at my house, but I was not there and call me, but I never answered. These were all false statements. I assumed this was a scam because they couldn’t give me any straight answers. I told them this concerned me that there was identity theft if they couldn’t give me the correct contact information for myself and they said I would just have to be arrested and take the issue to a federal court. They would not let me explain myself or ask questions. I also asked if I could have their contact information because I needed to talk to my parents and they would not comply with that request either.

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