Precious German Shepherd Puppies Reviews - Precious German Shepherd Puppies Scam or Legit

Donna –

Victim Location 22211

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Internet search for a German Shepherd puppy to purchase. Seller avoided giving a contact phone number or answer certain questions about the puppy’s parents, location of business, etc. the guarantee on the website did not match the adoption agreement paperwork. Email responses were worded identically about two different puppies and all questions were not answered. Requested payment via Western Union as a cash transaction with specific instructions on how to fill out the transfer of funds( sounded fishy). Address of person does not exist according to the internet. PRECIOUS GERMAN SHEPHERD ADOPTION CONTRACT

I, the undersigned SAMUEL ATABONG holder of license #E-524-513-576 hereby agree to ship Female German Shepherd puppy to (Buyer). The buyer on his/her part has agreed to buy 1 Female German Shepherd puppy for $550.00USD. The cost includes

shipping and papers.


Name: Teddy

Breeder: Samuel Atabong

Breed: German Shepherd 12-14 Race St.

Age: 9 weeks 4 Days Arlington, VA

Gender: Female (443) 297-9176

Quantity: One (1) [email protected]


This agreement is a GUARANTEE of REFUNDS and GOOD HEALTH certifying that the puppy appears to be in good health condition.

The seller has taken all puppies to a registered veterinary clinic for checkup, and is confirmed that the puppies are in good health conditions. Should the

puppy be reported as in poor health condition? The buyer will ship back the puppy to the seller for FULL REFUNDS or REPLACEMENT OF PUPPY WITH EQUAL

VALUE within 48 hours (shipping on seller expenses).

The buyer has accepted to pay the sum of $550.00USD to the seller for shipment to be carried out and the seller has accepted to ship the puppy to the

buyer immediately the payment is done and confirm.

The puppy will come with a 5 years genetic health guarantee, Vaccine record, AKC Registration / Pedigree and Vaccination certificates.

After the payment is done by the buyer, the seller will ship the puppy on his/her preferred date: ………………………..….….. /……..…………..…/……………………..………

(Buyer to fill in the above spaces to indicate his/her preferred date for the puppy to be ship)


The seller guarantees the puppy(s) to be free from infectious diseases for ten (10) days after the puppy(s) leaves their premises and guarantees the puppy(s)

to be free from genetic problems for up to five (5) years of age. Hip and joint problems can be caused by or influenced by overfeeding, improper diet, failure

to maintain proper weight, failure to provide sufficient exercise, over-exercising or improper exercising which would be out of our control.

Sellers will provide buyers with a puppy that leaves the house in good general health and that has known no physical defects. Buyers agrees that they will

take the puppy(s) to their veterinarian within ten (10) days of receiving the puppy for examination, testing for worms, treatment for worms, obtain

prescription (As recommended by Vets).

Failure to have the puppy(s) examined by a vet within ten (10) days of the date the puppy is delivered to buyers or if buyers fail to provide

required immunizations, treatment or de-worming, will mean that this health guarantee will be void.


Should the buyers find themselves unexpectedly in any circumstance where other things prevents them from being able to properly care for the puppy,

buyers agrees that we will be contacted first and given first rights to the puppy. If the puppy is to be sold, sellers will be given right of first refusal. Buyers

agree that the puppy will not under any circumstances be placed in an animal shelter or pawn or rescue center. This provision is to ensure that the puppy will

not end up homeless or destroyed.

Failure to comply with the said terms above by the SELLERS or the BUYERS would result to a fine, and the law would take its full course for justice.

Transaction Concluded and Confirmed

This agreement is hereby confirmed and signed by SELLERS and BUYERS. Both parties hereby seal the agreement and abide with their signatures.

Signature of seller Signature of buyers

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