Polar Bay Analytic Inc. Reviews - Polar Bay Analytic Inc. Scam or Legit

Brenda –

Victim Location 56353

Total money lost $2,800

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from the community college employment office where I was enrolled. The email described a "legitimate" mystery shopping opportunity. I sent my name and address thinking it might be good for me. The email I received was signed by a different person than was listed on the website. Of course I deleted the email because after I considered what the email said I assumed it was a scam. Then a few weeks later I received a certified check for $2,500 from Hughes Federal Credit Union. I was asked to go to an Walmart store to purchase 2 gift cards for $500 each x 5 cards. I was to keep the remaining $300 as a fee. I was asked to text a picture of the receipt and the scratched/peeled off store gift cards so i did. That is a huge red flag. I gave them the receipt and store cards! Few days later, I recieve 2 more checks for $2800 total and was to repeat the process. My bank caught the check as they said the checks never associated with the bank. Now i am out $2800. Also I noticed the name on the top of the email was different than the name of the Survey Co-Ordinator on the letter head. And the Priority Mailed envelop had a different office name and address than the letter head of the letter in side. Here are all the names used: Polarbay Analytics Inc Actionable Intelligence Delivery Impact Analysis Dave Ewers, MBA – Survey Co-ordinator 323/840-1332 IMpact ANalysis 21 Overman Pl New Rochelle NY, 10801-1413; The next package was sent fromThomas J Coutinho 628 Widow Bartley Dr. Orlando, FL 32828 PH: 321- 246-4097

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