Planet Athlete Reviews - Planet Athlete Scam or Legit

Jack –

Victim Location 85340

Total money lost $10,000

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

This business is a scam. Please stay away! Mr.Bowman, promises to train athletes, and give them exposure to colleges in order for them to get a scholarship. None of this happened. We invested over $10 000, and he did nothing to improve my son’s skills. We ended up putting him into another program, and saw improvement after only a couple of weeks, for way less. Bowman had these kids on the road travelling in a raggedy van, made for 15 passengers, transporting 12 men (basketball players) from state to state. Staying in nasty hotels, and having these kids share a queen size bed. All the while, while he has a room for himself, and flying himself to these games. These kids travelled in this unsafe van, from state to state during the winter.

Bowman uses all sorts of fronts to draw you in, and claims he’s being sponsored by the Arizona Cardinals, to make this program sound legit. These were all lies. The fact that these kids are on the road from state to state, with no proper diet, to maintain a athlete’s body, my son’s health diminished. He had these kids eating everyday at McDonald’s, when he promised before signing up, that a culinary chef will be preparing their meals daily. The only staff he has dealing with his program is himself, and his wife, who has a different last name.

His coaches he only met for the first time, the day the kids arrived. It’s obvious he didn’t mentor or screen them on their morals and ethics, because they use extreme foul language and post it on social media.

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