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Tony –

Victim Location 23462

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I try to buy a Pomeranian puppy online.I saw one that like and I email him up. The next day he email me back and say “he want to get give the puppy out because his daughter had been in car accident and daughter die and wife injured. He is taken care of his wife and cannot take of the puppies. He wanted me to pay for the shipping cost. I went to Walmart to wire him the money for the shipping cost. Then the company “pets by air “ email me and say I need to pay for rental crate for the puppy and the money is refundable. The shipping company tell me to go western union to wire them the money. I did wire the money. The shipping company email me that the puppy need the vet shot and quarantine before shipping out. The company is fake. Look so real.

The shipping say so many things. They want me to wire more money for other reason that the puppies need license and other things in order to fly on airplane. I stop sending them money after the shipping company say so many things that didn’t make sense. Then I told the shipping I will not send any more money. They say I will go to jail if I abandon the puppies. I told them I don’t care I will not send them any more money no matter.

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