Peter Braxton Reviews - Peter Braxton Scam or Legit

Troy –

Victim Location 45805

Total money lost $4,450

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

My mother was contacted by someone whom she thought was her grandson. The individual was crying saying they were in jail and needed money sent so that they could get out of jail pending legal action. The individual also stated not to tell anyone about the phone call for three days because to do so could result in contempt charges. My mother sent $4450.00 by courier to an address in New York. Needless to say when I found out (her daughter and mother of supposed family member) I got in touch with my son and he said he was never in jail and never called her. I talked to my mom again today and she said that they had spelled my sons name with a C instead of a K. And, also my son lives in Findlay. My mom is very upset that she was scammed. I just want others to be aware.

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