Perfetti Van Melle Reviews - Perfetti Van Melle Scam or Legit

Courtney –

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

They offer to rent your car to get wrapped with their advertising. They will send you a month in advance payment of 1300.00 and then send you weekly amount of 325$ for advertising their product. The contract is for 6 to 18 months.

They said they are looking in the Montreal area presently.

A certain Mr. Deacon from Winnipeg emailed me….I had a suspicion and called the number on the registration form. A certain Patrick answered and said he was Mr. Deacon’s assistant and that Mr. Deacon is not reachable at the moment. He was convincing when he talked about the company…using Perfetti Van Melle’s info.

He said that he was going to look into my location and see if he could find a Graphic Car artist and get back to me. I realized then that this was probably a scam.

I then called a Sales office in USA for Perfetti Van Melle and here is where I found out that they never heard of anyone set up in Canada doing auto wraps using their name. They were surprised to here this and investigated further. They called me back and confirmed to stay away and that they also received another complaint for the same reason.

I personally was not targeted…a friend of mine sent me a link and told me to check it out. Thought it would be a good idea since I was looking for work.

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