Paypal on Facebook-Imposter Reviews - Paypal on Facebook-Imposter Scam or Legit

Kelly –

Victim Location 46241

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Other

This will sound crazy in hind sight. So I thought I was contacting a genuine Paypal rep through Paypal main Facebook page using Visitor Post and also Send Message. I got a one two punch so I was vulnerable and at age 55 for some reason my head wasn’t together and I fell hook, line and sinker and got scammed out of $250.

Still don’t know how but, someone got my debit card info and started trying to use is Monday night. I still have my debit card in hand at the time (now my bank has shredded it). At the same time I was having trouble with Paypal Credit that I have a $950 credit line on in purchasing a computer for my daughter at Best for $858. It would not go through. For some reason I can’t recall why I didn’t call Paypal I went as I said to their Facebook page to contact them both ways for help. I do this alot with Boost Mobile, Xfinity, etc and have received quicker, better help then calling for a rep.

I did receive immediate responses in both locations on Paypal. Very long story short after three days dealing almost 24/7 dealing with person on other end of Facebook Messenger they got me for $250 first buying a Visa Gift card then spending it on Itunes Gift cards. The logo for Paypal was there etc. It doesn’t make sense but as I said my mind wasn’t in the right place. Obviously very convincing they were Paypal in the way they spoke. Not sure why Visa gift card purchase for $250 then Itunes still didn’t ring a 3 alarm fire. Believe me I beat up myself over this.

Add to that when I finally call Paypal to verify (after its too late) I not only didn’t get a fake apology the rep on the phone says it’s a known issue that scammers clone the logo and respond to Visitor posts posing as them etc.

Yet Paypal continues to allow this and do nothing about it? Or care. And can’t seem to find a way to get a hold of Paypal Corporate office to fix their Facebook Page so others don’t get took like me.

I fell for for it but I think its partially Paypal’s fault too if they know and let it happen and continue.

I do have alot of documentation screen shots on my phone. At least I got my head back to do that before criminal deleted his Messenger conversation after winning $250 and all my time effort etc wasted. Even used the Visa gift card on a Paypal account him/her self.

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