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Ronald – Jul 21, 2020

I ordered the trial of Keto for 5.95, and the mango cleanse for another 5.95, After trying the pills for 2 weeks with no results And stomach issues—I decided to cancel —-then I received two more bottles, I found out they had charged my card for the full price of 95.90, I just want out of this crazy scam. I will keep calling and requesting to cancel too! I want to send all 4 bottle back! I want total refund too!

Taryn – Jul 09, 2020

I ordered the trial bottle of Lego for 5.95, I received the product but after trying the pills for 2 weeks with no results i decided to cancel any further purchases, this is when I found out they had charged my bank for the full price of 95.90, I called and they wanted to send me another trial bottle, I just want out of this crazy scam. I will keep calling and requesting that I get my full refund and I don’t want any more of their useless pills, be careful when you’re offered free trial in my case it got extremely complicated and still is, haven’t gotten my refund yet

Patricia – Jun 29, 2020

As reported above, the scam was pulled on me. You pay shipping for a 30 day trial, somehow you end also getting a 30 day trial of Mango Cleanse that you also are charged shipping. Then, in 10 days charges appear on your credit card for both. $85.90 and $95.90. I called the phone # on my card statement 877-421-9812. I was told that I had 14 days from the time the order was placed to make up my mind about the product(s) before they charged me for it! I never seen this fact before I ordered and am sure you only find out when you call after the non-refundable charges have been made. What a SCAM!

Curtis – Jun 29, 2020

I also was scammed into $5.95 only for shipping. Then almost $200 was taken out of my bank 2 weeks later.
I thought this was a product I would order but with this deception, I no longer want to do ANY business with them. I wonder if Ketogenix does the same SCAM? They make the same product!

Latasha – Jun 22, 2020

Update, as I write, I am on the phone with Nutriverse and they will only refund 50%. So please know this is definitely a scam! Let every know.

Grace – Jun 22, 2020

I too fell victim to the Nutraverse online scam, I received the free samples and paid 10.90 for shipping and then 6/19/2020 I was charged 85.90 and 94.50 for something I did not agree to.I can’t find a working number to call. If anyone has it please post it.

Caitlin – May 18, 2020

Victim Location 39169

Total money lost $180.80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I order a free trail of keto cleanse and detoxi supplement pill for $5.95, just was told to pay the shipping cost. I received the product and two weeks after I got my free trail I find out on the 05/18/2020 that they had taken out $85.90 and $95.90 of my credit card for something I didn’t order. I call and informed them that I wanted my money refunded back to my card and she said she could only refund me 50% of my money and I informed here that I wanted all of my money because your add only say pay for the shipping and handling of $5.95 and that is what I did. These people mislead you to get you to order their product and then they charge you the full price afterward. This is misleading and wrong, they should let the consumer know the whole story up front of what they have to pay all together instead of finding out later that they will be billing you later for the full price of their product when all you wanted was the free trail.

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