Caroline – Jun 29, 2020

Victim Location 76107

Total money lost $190.70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered one bottle of the Insta Keto by NutriPharm on March 19, 2020 and agreed to pay $6.95 for shipping to receive only one bottle of Insta Keto. For some reason another bottle was added that I did not order and I was charged an additional $6.75 for shipping. There was no information stating that many more transactions to my credit card continue following this purchase, to include a charge for a subscription for each of the two bottles! Following the initial two transactions on my credit card, one for $6.95 and one for $6.75, both on March 19th, I was then charged two more times on April 3rd, one for $89.25 and $88.75, ($6.95 + 89.25 to "Rapid Build Muscle") and ($6.75 and $88.75 to "Rapid Build Physical Diet"). It wasn’t until the following month when I noticed two suspicious charges to my credit card on May 3rd, both to "Goodhealth BO", one for $96.20 and a second for $95.50 that and I began to question the suspicious activity and started looking backwards into my statements to find all of the above mentioned charges to my credit card, a total of $383.40!!! I called the phone number on the bottle and spoke to a person by the name of Nia who explained that I was paying for two subscriptions and more products, in which I did not order. When I asked to speak to a manager she said that there wasn’t one, when I asked to get these transactions refunded to my credit card she said that was not possible, and through this conversation she stated that there was no way to get in contact with the company and that she worked for a third-party company, still with no way to get in touch with any person who could help me solve this issue. When two more products arrived at my home I marked to send them "Return to Sender" and was eventually refunded the last two amounts of $96.20 and $95.50 on my credit card. I am still out of pocket for the other four charges totaling $190.70 that I have not been able to get refunded. Quite frankly, I only used a few of the pills from the original product that I did order. I typically do not order things online, and this is why. I would have NEVER agreed to pay for a subscription that essentially was not for anything but two fraudulent charges on my credit card. Times are tough as it is…I would like a refund, but there is no way to talk to anyone who can help. I hope that these thieves are banned from doing business!

They have my credit card information and now I have to watch very closely, as you see they are also using different names for the transactions.

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